XSET New Features

Version 5.52

  • Internal release

Version 5.51

  • Use 3 double quotes to actually store a double quote

Version 5.50

  • Added support for /LFN and /-LFN in Windows 2000, XP, etc.

Version 5.49

  • extended KEY command to accept non-printable characters as string specifier

Version 5.48

  • Internal changes

Version 5.47

  • Added real concurrency under Windows 2000 and XP
  • under NT, real concurrency allowed with manual intervention (see XSET_TMP in XSET.TXT)

Version 5.46

  • bug fix: character ALT-255 was not allowed in passwords
  • bug fix: handles now very long filenames under NT, Windows 2000 and XP
  • bug fix: year 2000 was not considered as a leap year
  • bug fix: XSET_MSG was not always cleared under NT, Windows 2000 and XP

Version 5.44

  • Bug fix when Windows 2000 installed on another drive than C:

Version 5.43

  • Error messages exit automatically after 30 seconds

Version 5.42

  • Extended compatibility with Windows 2000
  • Shortened time-out in XSET32 concurrency check

Version 5.38

  • Bug correction: /VIEW didn't work

Version 5.37

  • Bug correction: Handling of special characters under NT (&|> etc.)

Version 5.36

  • Bug correction: /APPEND problem on NT.

Version 5.35

  • Bug correction: under some version of NT, XSET32 adds a 100 seconds delay in the processing.

Version 5.33

  • Full support of long file names in Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000.
  • /*LOWER and /*UPPER allow to convert to upper/lowercase with no translation for the characters with an accent.
  • Extended support for scandinavian characters
  • NT and OS/2: the current version will try to serialise calls to XSET 10 times and wait 10 seconds between each try. After 10 times, it will continue.

Version 5.29

  • NT and OS/2: handles case where TEMP variable is not defined.
  • Support for pathnames longer than 255 characters (like in NT).
  • When not enough lines are found in an input file, set the variable XSET_MSG to END-OF-FILE.
  • Support for dates after 2038

Version 5.22

  • Added Windows 95 long filenames handling (/LFN and /-LFN)
  • Added default date output format (/DATEFORMAT)
  • Bug correction: characters with accents loosed them.

Version 5.21

  • Bug correction in date handling

Version 5.10

  • Remove line length restrictions for native NT and OS/2 command prompts

Version 5.00 - Major upgrade

  • A huge boost in performances . . .
    Sometimes 20 times faster than before or even much more.
    I optimized the code a lot, but this incredible boost of performances was achieved by reducing the number of times you have to run the XSET program -- as starting and initializing a DOS application is the most lengthy part of XSET processing.
    So, I introduced two new ways of using the program to execute more commands than ever in one XSET run:

  • Flags are now processed the order they appear on the command-line.
    This means that you may now use several times the same flag (with different arguments) in one shot instead of launching several times XSET.
  • XSET now accepts to read commands from a file.
    You may now run XSET once and it will execute many commands that you specified in an input file (which may be the current batch file).
  • DATE accepts an optional format string (like mm-dd-yyyy) to allow you to specify the date in any format you like.
  • /SIZE has been replaced by ENVSIZE and ENVFREE to return the value in an environment variable.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Windows 95, NT and OS/2 (Warp and Merlin).
  • Bug correction in DRIVETEST which erroneously reported drives as CD-ROM under Windows 95.