XSET price

Free to try

Just download the fully functional version from here.
If you like it, you register; if you don't, you just remove it.
It cannot be simpler - no risks !



  • 15 EUR for personal use (one machine)
  • 30 EUR for business use (one machine)
  • 250 EUR for network / site (any number of machines)
  • Payments in $US are also accepted, please ask


Accepted ways of payment

  • Cash
  • Bank account (please indicate to take all fee at your charge)
    Stern Marc
    Argenta Bank - Belgium - 1300 Wavre
    • Swift number (BIC): ARSPBE22 (indicate this number)
    • Bank code (IBAN): BE92 9799 4804 1023 (indicate this number)
    • account 979-9480410-23
  • Paypal (http://www.paypal.com): only from a paypal account or a bank account, no bank/credit card (but you can put money from your credit card on your Paypal account)
    use e-mail xset@bigfoot.com
  • Credit cards: via Paypal account
  • International postal money order
    You give the money at your local mail office, this is not a check. In US it is called 'USPS Authorization to Issue an International Money Order'.
  • American Express International Money Order (add 15 Euro)
If these solutions do not satisfy you, let it me know and we will find another one. Please, also complete the registration form at the end of the documentation (XSET.TXT) and e-mail it to me.